Welcome to AVIASPORT II a.s.b.l., a dedicated nonprofit flying association that has been sharing the skies at Luxembourg Airport (ELLX) since 1978. As an approved flight school (Declared training Organisation DTO), our mission encompasses supporting aviation activities, offering high quality flight training, and fostering a shared passion among our esteemed members. We take pride in providing our members with an alluring selection of aircrafts at economical rates, enabling them to engage in a diverse array of General Aviation pursuits.


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Seize the moment! Email us or fill out the form to book an enchanting explorer or introduction flight that will leave you breathless.


Discover the excitement of our activities and immerse yourself in the visual delights of our picture gallery. Let the adventure captivate you!

Air Rallies

Our members soar to new heights, engaging in thrilling national and international air rally competitions.

Activities & events

Elevate your evenings with stimulating lectures, engaging courses, delectable barbecues.


At AVIASPORT II, we celebrate the spirit of aviation through exhilarating Fly-outs, thrilling national and international air rallies, and a buzzing clubhouse filled with camaraderie. Our welcoming haven, open seven days a week, offers unforgettable social events, mouthwatering barbecues, and a platform for like-minded pilots to unite. Whether you’re pursuing your flight license or simply seeking a community that shares your passion for the skies, our knowledgeable management and dedicated flight instructors eagerly await your arrival. Join the AVIASPORT II family and let your dreams sprout wing!

Learn to fly with us

Throughout the years, our esteemed flight school has proudly guided hundreds of aspiring aviators to achieve their private pilot license. With us, the sky’s the limit as you explore the boundless opportunities awaiting you, such as Night VFR rating. So why wait? Come „fly with us“ and unlock your true potential in the captivating world of aviation. Not sure if it’s your calling? Book an introduction flight with us, take the control of the plane and let the breathtaking experience speak for itself.
Embark on this remarkable journey and let your dreams soar with AVIASPORT II!

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Embark on an enthralling journey to become a skilled aviator with AVIA SPORT II! Let us guide you through the seamless process of obtaining your pilot training license, starting with a medical class II certificate from an authorized doctor. If you’re 15 or older, you’re ready to take flight with us. Contact us now, and let your dreams soar by clicking the „Become a Member“ button. The sky is calling, and adventure awaits!

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