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News and Events

Jump into our exciting Flight Club event universe, where there’s an atmosphere of pure excitement and adventure at every turn. Explore our lineup of thrilling experiences, including adrenaline-pumping fly-outs, engaging aviation seminars, and friendly social get-togethers. Our events are open to aviation enthusiasts of all backgrounds, whether you’re an experienced pilot or someone new to the world of flight.

Autumn Fly-Out

24 September 2023

We cordially invite you to our full-day Fly-Out on September 24, 2023 to Speyer, Germany.

New Student Pilots Briefing Night

27 September 2023

New student pilot? Join us on September 27th for a special briefing session designed to prepare your upcoming adventure!

Info Day – Become a Private Pilot

10 September 2023

Unlock your dream of flight at our 'Become a Private Pilot' info day with Aviasport II on September 10th! Click the event for more information.

AirDays 2023

15 July 2023

Join us at the Noertrange airfield for AirDays 2023!

Fly out

21 October 2023

An event where participants visit new airports together, collaborating on logistics and flight planning.

Coming together & End of Season

18 November 2023

A gathering to recap the past flying season, enjoy food and drinks, and share aviation stories with one another.

Fly out

25 June 2023

A multi-day event where participants visit new airports together, collaborating on logistics and flight planning.

Airfield hopping

13 May 2023

A fun event where pilots visit different airports, enjoy the day together, and learn from one another.

Fly and Ride out

1 May 2023

This event invites plane and motorbike enthusiasts to meet at the same airport, sharing a great day together.

“Refresher” Class

22 April 2023

This class will provides an opportunity to update and renew your knowledge and will take place from 09h00 until 12h00

General Assembly

24 March 2023

General Assembly at 19h00 at our Club to elect the new board and discuss current trends.

a Member

Embark on an enthralling journey to become a skilled aviator with AVIA SPORT II! Let us guide you through the seamless process of obtaining your pilot training license, starting with a medical class II certificate from an authorized doctor. If you’re 15 or older, you’re ready to take flight with us. Contact us now, and let your dreams soar by clicking the „Become a Member“ button. The sky is calling, and adventure awaits!

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